Start-up coaching handbook

Plurality of business models and founders profils diversity are a huge challenge for a start-up coaching structure. That’s why UNITEC has published the Start-up Coaching Handbook. [french only]

We have been coaching start-ups for 30 years and we wanted to share this strong experience. That is why we have edited a pratical guide adapted to the differents steps of innovative companies development.



This work is dedicated to anyone concerned by innovation wanting to learn how to create an innovative start-up, especially start-up coaching structures. Our team and several start-up founders have shared their vision to offer you the best and most complete reflexion in order to create an innovative company. You will discover the knowledge base of start-up coaching : roadmaps and priorities, methodology, soft skills and tools for entrepreneurs.



This handbook is organised in 3 parts :



How to get the Start-up Coaching Handbook ?

[This handbook only exists in French language]

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